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Cosmoprof 2024: four days of magic for the beauty world

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Cosmoprof 2024 - Bologna
Cosmoprof 2024 - Bologna  Bild: Mario Bonesi

Italy-Bologna [ENA] Cosmoprof surpasses Cosmoprof, the traditional annual beauty fair and everything related to well-being has once again been "sold out". held from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th March, the 2024 edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna proved to be an extraordinary event, full of innovations

There are many emerging trends in the beauty and cosmetics sector, with over 3,000 exhibiting companies from 69 countries and the participation of 30 national pavilions, the fair confirmed its international appeal. Among the most interesting innovations we saw a strong focus on upcycling and sustainability. Products such as Naturaverde's Blueberry Anti-Aging Face Cream, made with production waste from the food industry, have demonstrated how cosmetics can be not only effective but also ethical and responsible.

The attention towards the integration between beauty and fitness has been evident, with cosmeto-textile products that promise to optimize the results of physical activity. An example is B-Selfie's Midnight Silhouette treatment, which combines a body cream with a onesie to wear while sleeping to define the tissues. Furthermore, this year's edition saw a greater presence of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence applied to beauty, and a growing attention towards product customization.

Cosmoprof 2024 - Kiers

In summary, Cosmoprof 2024 offered a fascinating glimpse into the future of beauty, with an industry increasingly oriented towards sustainability, innovation and the interconnection between different sectors. An event that not only showcased the latest trends, but also provided a platform for the growth and development of new ideas and collaborations in the world of cosmetics. Cosmoprof 2024 was a truly memorable edition, which confirmed its position as a world leader in the professional beauty sector.

The official inauguration with the participation of the authorities, the presentation of the new beauty trends for 2024, the workshops and training seminars held by industry experts, the fashion shows and live demonstrations of the best brands and the area dedicated to start-ups and to the innovations of the sector, have made Cosmoprof a truly memorable event. With Beatrice Tomada and Giulia Urbinati, we visited the fair on Sunday 24th, the very closing day. We have collected various testimonies in different stands, with voluntary interviews that we offer you in this film created by "GidiferroTeam".

As far as Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is concerned, the appointment is for next year. from Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 March 2025. It will be a unique opportunity to: discover the latest innovations from various sectors, from vegan and cruelty-free products to cutting-edge skin care technologies. Meet the most famous brands and new emerging talents. Participate in workshops and seminars held by industry experts. Network with professionals from all over the world. If you want to stay updated on upcoming events, visit the Cosmoprof website and the official social networks. With Beatrice Tomada and Giulia Urbinati, "GidiferroTeam" produced a film in Italian. Here is the link -

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