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Snapshot from subconsciousness

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Theater an der Wien, 27.03.2023, 22:47 Uhr
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Theater an der Wien [ENA] The Freeshooter of Carl Maria von Weber is one of the most mysterious operas performed recently by Theater an der Wien. The stage setting with video installations running like snapshots from subconscious did not leave the public emotionless. Some critiqued it, other were shouting "bravo". Emotions in the performing room were really intense. To add to this really fantastic performance of the opera singers.

Freeschote (also spelled "Freischütz") is a German opera in three acts composed by Carl Maria von Weber. The opera premiered in Berlin in 1821 and is considered a masterpiece of the German Romantic era. The story of Freeschote centers around the character of Max, a young marksman who is in love with Agathe. In order to win her hand in marriage, Max must prove his skill as a marksman by winning a shooting competition. However, Max is haunted by doubts and fears, and he turns to the evil Samiel for help. Samiel promises Max a magic bullet that will never miss its target but in exchange, Max must forfeit his soul. Tragic circumstances result that instead of a bird Max shoots his own bride, Agathe.

The music of Freeschote is notable for its powerful melodies, rich harmonies, and inventive orchestration. The opera features several famous arias, including "Durch die Wälder, durch die Auen" and "Wie nahte mir der Schlummer." Freeschote was a groundbreaking work in its time and had a significant impact on the development of German opera. It is considered one of Weber's greatest achievements and continues to be performed regularly today. Its themes of redemption, love, and the struggle between good and evil resonate with audiences of all ages and cultures.

At the same time, The Freeshooter is a story about inner worlds, fears and trauma, sexual desires and trust in God. The Hungarian-born director David Marton focuses on the blurring boundaries between the inner and outer worlds and uses film to illuminate them as barriers between the individual and the collective. During the film various scenes are popping up from subconsciousness while leading the story being told on stage to develop at several realities in parallel.

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