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Getting together again

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Hofburg Palace, Vienna, 29.01.2023, 20:58 Uhr
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Hofburg Palace, Vienna [ENA] On the 28th of January the magnificent 71st Ärzte Ball took place at the premises of the Hofburg Palace of Vienna. This was a special ball which celebrated coming together of professionals from the medical sector in various countries for the first time after the covid 19 pandemic lockdown. Carrying the major weight of covid 19 pandemic risk management over the last years, the participants were real heros of nowadays.

Ärzte Ball in Vienna is one of the largest and most well-known medical balls in Austria. It is an annual event that brings together medical professionals, students, and members of the community for a night of socializing, dancing, and entertainment. The event is held in the grand ballroom of one of Vienna's iconic historical buildings and features live music, performances, and other festivities. The Ärzte Ball in Vienna is known for its rich tradition, with roots dating back to the 19th century. The event serves as a fundraiser for various charitable organizations, with a portion of the proceeds going towards medical research, education, and patient care initiatives.

The pupils from Professor Jolantha Seyfried's dancing class at the Vienna University for Art and Music will present the joyful opening. At midnight, the „legendary“ Bad Powells were performing. The Bad Powells is a musical group that is known for its interpretation of the disco music from previous decade. Overall, The Bad Powells is a talented and influential musical group that is revered by fans for its unique sound, powerful live performances, and commitment to making a positive impact through its music. A benefit art auction for MOMO-Childcare started just before midnight in the main hall. The up-and-coming Vienna artist Djawid C. Borower was the one who made the items for the auction.

The Strauss waltz "Die ersten Curen" from the year 1862 served as this year's opening musical reference to the medical field. Strauss wrote this piece with medical students in mind. Exactly 160 years before to this year's Ball, on January 28, 1862, at the Sophienbad-Hall at the former Medicine ball, Strauss premiered his first play. The Nobel Price Laureate Robert Barany visited the ball. He was the first Austrian Nobel Prize Laureate and first descriptor of the inner ear. His discoveries and his work created the foundation to the labyrinth-surgery.

In addition to being a night of fun and entertainment, the Ärzte Ball in Vienna is also an opportunity for medical professionals to network, exchange ideas, and celebrate their shared passion for medicine. It is a highlight of the social calendar for the medical community in Vienna and is attended by a diverse group of individuals from across Austria and beyond. Overall, the Ärzte Ball in Vienna is a unique and cherished event that brings together the medical community and the wider community for a night of celebration and fundraising for important causes.

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