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City Map or Hiking Map - Final Junior Competition 2024

Verantwortlicher Autor: Alexander Amann Theater Drachengasse, Vienna, 17.05.2024, 08:03 Uhr
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Theater Drachengasse, Vienna [ENA] In the highly anticipated "City Map or Hiking Map - Final Junior Competition 2024", a quartet of mesmerizing theatrical pieces captivated audiences, each offering a unique and profound narrative lens into the human experience. One standout, "Top 10 places you really don’t want to visit," skillfully transported viewers to the haunting landscapes of Washington lanscape.

Crafted by Hannah K Bründl, Matthias Dielacher, Chani Lehmann, Anne Mulleners, Clemens Maria Riegler, Katharina Rose, and Pia Zimmermann, the ensemble cast painted a vivid tableau of despair, navigating the aftermath of the Manhattan Project with poignant scenes depicting communities struggling with unemployment, poverty, and addiction. This compelling exploration of history's shadows challenged viewers to confront the darker facets of existence head-on.

"The Dünzer rhapsody" another entrancing piece, delved into the intricacies of love and longing within a small town setting. Crafted by Barbara Angermaier, Bianca Braunesberger, Marika Rainer, Kasija Vrbanac Strelkin, and Ivan Strelkin, the play followed Claudia's emotional journey as she grappled with unrequited feelings for her departing friend, Martha. Claudia's inner turmoil, laid bare amidst Martha's departure, underscored the bittersweet nature of unexpressed emotions.

"The burning house" took audiences on a visceral exploration of family dynamics and generational trauma against rural landscapes. Crafted by Kristin Buddenberg, Anaïs Clerc, Alexander Gerlini, Amelie von Godin, Marie Nadja Haller, and Skye MacDonald, the play delved into the intertwined lives of three generations grappling with buried secrets and unresolved pain. This poignant exploration highlighted the weight of silence and the enduring legacy of trauma.

"The zünzle" offered a mesmerizing journey into the wilderness, where familial bonds were tested amidst the backdrop of a raging forest fire. Crafted by Kaija Knauer, Marie Nest, Ilario Raschèr, and Leonard Schulz, the play explored primal desires and destructive impulses through evocative imagery and compelling performances, inviting audiences to confront their deepest fears and desires.

These remarkable theatrical pieces emerged from a highly competitive field, reflecting the immense talent of their creators. The competition, curated to showcase emerging talents in the theatrical realm, provided a platform for aspiring playwrights and performers to showcase their creativity and vision. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the playwrights infused each piece with richness and depth, creating an unforgettable theatrical experience for all who attended.

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