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OSCE and human trafficking

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Oslo, 05.09.2022, 15:12 Uhr
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Rome/Oslo [ENA] According to Encyclopedia Britannica :« human trafficking, also called trafficking in persons, form of modern-day slavery involving the illegal transport of individuals by force or deception for the purpose of labour, sexual exploitation, or activities in which others benefit financially. Human trafficking is a global problem affecting people of all ages. It is estimated that approximately 1,000,000 people

are trafficked each year globally and that between 20,000 and 50,000 are trafficked into the United States, which is one of the largest destinations for victims of the sex-trafficking trade». Within the Catholic Church there’s Santa Marta Group coordinated by Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and president of the Group engaged in fighting human trafficking . Alongside police chiefs and other Santa Marta leaders combat human trafficking. The Santa Marta Group Conference took place from 17-19 May 2022 at the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences in the Vatican. It was the first time in three years the alliance of Police Chiefs, civil society leaders, Bishops and Religious Sisters were able to meet in person following the pandemic.

When the Santa Marta Group launched in 2014, Pope Francis said that human trafficking was "a crime against humanity, a wound on the body of Christ." When asked by British TV what we should be doing to stop this evil crime, he replied simply "We must learn to cry again"... and then we will know how to respond. It is the tragedy of over 40 million victims of trafficking and modern slavery which remains a challenge as this evil crime continues to grow and greater numbers of vulnerable people are falling prey to organised criminal gangs. As the number of victims increases, there is a clear need to increase activity in the struggle against trafficking: learning from others' good practice, improving legislation and pushing for greater

accountability and action within existing legislative frameworks, always putting the victim at the centre. With activity in over 30 countries, the Santa Marta Group does not try to impose a single solution to a complex, transnational issue but rather seeks to identify, inspire and initiate action. Each member is independent, united by mutual respect and a desire to work together to tackle modern slavery. The Santa Marta Group acts as a medium in which trusted relationships are made, which then enables co-operation and practical solutions to be generated and applied locally and regionally. The OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Valiant Richey, will visit Norway from 6 to 8 September.

The visit is organized in co-operation with Norwegian authorities, with a focus on fulfilling the OSCE commitments in the field of anti-trafficking. Special Representative Richey will assess the country’s response to trafficking, including the measures taken to address technology-facilitated trafficking and mitigate risks of exploitation facing Ukrainian refugees. Richey will also meet national stakeholders, notably members of the Standing Committee on Justice. During the visit, discussions will also focus on the implementation of the new Norwegian Transparency Act.

First of its kind, the Act requires companies to ensure the respect for human rights and decent working conditions for employees throughout their supply chains. Country visits by the Special Representative provide a unique opportunity to consider the main challenges in a country and to provide recommendations, as well as to learn about promising practices to share with other governments.

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